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Final Exam  Information
If you decide to take the AP Physics exam on May 8th  (AP Physics 1) or May 9th (AP Physics 2)  you will be allowed to use your second practice test score (plus some bonus point) as your final exam score for the semester.  You must come in after school to correct your mistakes for the practice exam to count toward the final exam. Practice Test Score = 5                         Final Exam Score =   90% Practice Test Score = 4+                     Final Exam Score =   85% Practice Test Score = 4                        Final Exam Score =   80% Practice Test Score = 3 +                     Final Exam Score =   75% Practice Test Score = 3                         Final Exam Score =   70% Practice Test Score = 2 +                     Final Exam Score =   65% Practice Test Score = 2                         Final Exam Score =   60% Practice Test Score = 1                         Final Exam Score =   50% Bonus Points – 1pt per review homework assignment during the week prior to the exam  (total = 5 pts MAX) Bonus Points – 6 pts for taking the Multiple Choice Practice Exam and AT LEAST 1.0 hours spent doing test corrections on the multiple choice & free response. Bonus Points – 9 pts for taking the first FULL practice AP Exam & AT LEAST 1.5 hours spent self grading the free response & correcting the multiple choice. If you are not taking the AP Exam you will be taking a final exam.  The final exam will be over two days and be old AP Physics Exam: multiple choice on day 1 and free response questions on day 2.  This will be a shortened version so that it can be completed in 55 minutes and only cover those topics studied in the 2nd Semester.
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Please use the link provided to sign up for your exam date and the date you will be coming in after school to look over your exam and learn from your mistakes: AP Physics Practice Exam Sign Up
AP Exam Sign Up
Contact Me  jon.devenney@dvusd.org  623-376-3165  I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner to answer any questions or concerns.